Meet Mat LockMeet Mat Lock

Mat Lock is a best-selling author on a mission to unlock the vast human potential that exists in the world. Where his first Amazon best-selling book, Rocking The Ship, focusses on innovating business models, Lead By Example zeros in on the people within the businesses. This is where the greatest potential lies and Mat shows how each of us has the power to be brave, have fun and lead by example.

After more than two decades of traversing the globe in senior corporate roles, Mat Lock realised that conforming to tradition leads only to a life of mediocrity. He now runs a business called The Bay Games, headquartered in Australia. His mission is to empower Everyday Athletes around the world.

Every person on the planet can make the choice to be brave, have fun and lead by example.
Mat Lock

Mat, an accomplished endurance athlete, believes we can transcend the world of sport and business, helping understand what leads people, and groups of people to perform to the peak of their potential. He makes no apologies for his maverick predisposition and is spearheading a movement for empowering Everyday Athletes around the world.

Being stronger — physically and mentally — having more fun and leading by example are the antidotes to the challenges of the modern world.  They are the building blocks for healthier, more progressive businesses and societies. 

When he’s not working Mat can be found exploring his own limits in Jervis Bay, Australia where he lives with his wife, Neridah and their small army of fur kids. With some of the whitest sand beaches in the world and flanked by national parks, Jervis Bay doubles as a perfect training base and home of The Bay Games.

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