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Lead By Example

Written (and narrated) by Mat Lock

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Ross Hastings
Coaching Psychology Expert

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Michelle Vardy
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Sarah Johnson
HR Consultant

Harness Human Potential

If you’re like most people on the planet you know you’ve got more to offer at work and in life. 

You probably want to be more connected to the humans around you, have more fun, and be part of a movement that makes the world a better place too? 

But modern life is dynamic, there are lots of moving parts, and the white noise can become almost deafening. And if we want humans to flourish and realise their collective potential then there needs to be a correction.

Fortunately, that correction is something rather simple.

We can recapture something of our ancient past to rekindle human connection, and create community. We can return to our tribal instincts. 

Lead By Example is the playbook that will show you how to realise your potential and feel better in every aspect of your life. It contains the pieces  to make your body stronger, your mind stronger, and your relationships stronger.

And if you want to inspire those around you so profoundly that they are hungry to give it a go themselves, Lead By Example shows you how.

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50% of the profits from sales of this book go directly to Lifeline Australia

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"This is a book every person on the planet should read. We bought copies for our entire team"
Adriann Richards
CEO, Dream Factory