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(an everyday) Endurance Athlete

Anyone who knows Mat will attest he is passionate about and relentlessly dedicated to optimal human performance.

As such, what started as a means for distracting his addictive personality away from partying following the ‘flameout’ of his first marriage went on to become an exciting global journey and happier, healthier lifestyle.

After sampling a tiny triathlon in Jervis Bay the scene was set. Nine months later he was toeing the line of his first Ironman race in Western Australia.

Over the next few years, and alongside his thriving corporate career, Mat’s appetite for challenging himself, mastering new skills and developing mental grit saw him gravitate toward, and excel in, the world of ultra endurance competition.

The short on going long...

Mat is the first to offer that he possesses no extraordinary athlete prowess.

Yet through consistently ‘non-negotiable’ training, great coaching, an amazing wife, adopting a plant based diet, a clear sense of purpose and developing a gritty mindset, Mat has competed in, and stood on the podium at some of the most gruelling ultra distance competitions on the planet.

For example…

As the last example suggests (and in relation to #4 of the ‘15 Random Things‘), Mat is in training for the ‘invitation only’ EPIC5 event in Hawaii.

As a believer of Leading By Example, this latest athletic crusade will be dubbed ‘Hawaii 50’ as he’ll be in his 50th year when he crosses the finish line.

Mat’s why? He believes that mental wellbeing and physical fitness have a crucial role to play in the health of our societies and he’s out to prove that every person on the planet has the power to lead by example.