• Lifetime access to online material
  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Group coaching calls
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About this Masterclass...

We understand that scheduling time off to attend training courses involves travel costs and spending more time away from home. We also understand that not all businesses are in a position to invest between $25,000 and $30,000 in our two-day Private Workshops. Therefore, we created this invitation only Business Model Mavericks Masterclass for those looking to learn this powerful skill-set in a format that suits you and your schedule.

Of course, in the spirit of ‘Rocking the Ship’ this is much more than just another ‘passive’ online program… With this Masterclass, you’ll have Mat, one of the creators, alongside you every step of the way providing support and feedback at key milestones in the program!

Think of this as your implementation program!

Who is this for?

This Masterclass is designed for people in business who want to position themselves as a thought leader, stay relevant in the future and unleash their inner Maverick. It is specifically for those who want the chance to shape the future of their business and create bold, innovative business models that set them apart from the herd.

What will I get?

Included in the Masterclass is…

  • Lifetime access to the online lessons
  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions with Mat Lock, one of the creators
  • A physical copy of the Rocking the Ship book
  • The digital Mavericks Workbook
  • Access to an evergreen case study library
  • A recording of you presenting/pitching your results

This Masterclass is perfect for people in business who want to get ahead, acquire a new skill set and future-proof themselves whilst working around their busy schedule and within a flexible framework. It’s segmented into just four logical, step-by-step modules.

Masterclass Modules

  • The Spaceship Story
  • Bonus – Shackle #1
  • Bonus – Shackle #2
  • Bonus – Shackle #3
  • The 6 Business Model Constituents
  • The Business Model Radar + B2C Case Study
  • B2B Case Study
  • The Mavericks Mindset
  • Mavericks Solo Mission #001
  • Solo work – to be uploaded for online 1:1 feedback
  • Customer Centric Business Modelling
  • The 5 Attacker Archetypes
  • Mavericks Solo Mission #001
  • Solo work setting for your own business or idea – submitted for live, online 1:1 feedback
  • Turning Managers into Business Model Mavericks
  • The Mavericks Matrix
  • Industry Shapers
  • Vulnerable Forerunners
  • Challengers and Victims
  • How to package your new business model(s) for maximum effect
  • How to pitch them for optimal impact
  • Individual work setting for your own business – submitted for live, online 1:1 feedback

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