To lead, or not, is a choice we each make...

Mat believes that being healthy, happy and connected to humans are natural antidotes to the challenges of the modern world. Mental wellbeing and physical fitness have a crucial role to play in the health of our societies and every person on the planet has the power to lead by example. 

After more than two decades in senior management positions Mat is also a seasoned endurance athlete and now advocates for everyday athletes around the world. He shows how, together, we can transcend the world of sport and business, helping understand what leads people, and groups of people to perform to the peak of their potential.

Mat is the co-founder of The Bay Games, a company that creates collaboration, community and connection through friendly competition. Using functional training this global platform empowers everyday athletes from over 48 countries to connect, move and lead by example at home, work or play.

To increase the impact of this movement, Mat is joined by Olympians, World Champions and subject matter experts to engage and educate about the importance of leadership and lifestyle.

To help share this message, Lead By Example is a modern and best-selling playbook for becoming stronger – mentally and physically – and increasing your contribution. It provides the building blocks for healthier, more progressive businesses and societies.

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About Mat

About Mat

Advocate for Everyday Athletes Around The World

Mat Lock is a best-selling author on a mission to unlock the vast human potential that exists in the world. Where his first Amazon best-selling book, Rocking The Ship, focusses on innovating business models, Lead By Example zeros in on the people within the businesses. This is where the greatest potential lies and Mat shows how each of us has the power to be brave, have fun and lead by example.

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What people are saying...

Kurt Clifton FCPA. Partner, Clifton Accountants Having adopted the 'Rocking the Ship' system to advance our strategic thinking I have found it refreshingly challenging and extremely valuable. I would recommend the Business Model Mavericks Masterclass to any forward thinking business owner. - Kurt Clifton FCPA. Partner, Clifton Accountants
Martin Lukac, Operations Manager, High Pressure Plus Australia This made us challenge every aspect of our business model and focus on customers needs with a new level of intensity. To be honest, it made us realise how vulnerable we were. I encourage everyone except my competitors to dive into this! - Martin Lukac, Operations Manager, High Pressure Plus Australia
Steve Thakur. Guild Trustee Services (Superannuation) This is powerful stuff! It explains the 'how to do it' which is what you need to know. This was like an awakening for me, it’s changed the way I look at business. - Steve Thakur. Guild Trustee Services (Superannuation)