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The Impact Project

Mat founded The Impact Project in 2021 – the mission is to deliver happy, healthy and high performing teams of people. 


To achieve this The Impact Project anchors their community around The Seven Pillars Of Performance. 


These are the cornerstones of happiness, health and high performance. 

What's the issue?

The 3 big problems that The team at the Impact Project most commonly see are: 

These lead to many people hitting a flat spot in life (professionally and/or personally). 

But these 3 problems are actually just symptoms of having hit a Performance Plateau.


And that is as inevitable and predictable as the solution… 

Where to start?

The entry point to The Impact Project community is via the Level Up Program – a 5-week, high impact primer for productivity and peak performance. 


This ensures that delegates can:

This accelerator program is the pre-cursor to membership within this community.


It leads to predictable performance, a meaningful life and being part of a community that supports you and holds you to a high standard.