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Productivity & Performance Coaching

Mat is passionate about and relentlessly dedicated to optimal human performance.


He has a rare blend of extensive knowledge, thirst for learning more, and desire to bring together subject matter experts that complement his own expertise.


Mat understands that everybody hits a flat spot at some stage – hitting this glass ceiling is inevitable. He calls it a performance plateau.

To help delegates break through this plateau and produce consistent, reliable results Mat developed The 7 Pillars of Performance which are the cornerstones of human health and high performance.


Mat understands that whilst every person on the planet is at their own point in their journey and is operating with a unique set of circumstances, there is one thing that holds true for all…

When you feel your best you perform your best

Underpinned by neuroscience, positive psychology and his own experience from the world of global business and ultra endurance events Mat has built a platform where human health and high performance are the focus.

The journey starts with a live, online 5-week program called Level Up. Together with the coaching team this entry point is high impact and focusses on supporting rapid implementation.

All delegates of Level Up and then invited into Mat’s flagship, membership-based community, Unleashing Potential.

Together with the team of elite athletes, Special Forces veterans, Olympians, positive psychology experts, flow-state coaches and life style behaviour subject matter experts – this is road to happy, healthy teams of people who are kicking the door of life off its hinges every single day.